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It is not Malala’s fault

Well, Malala like all the children of swat never had a childhood like ours. While we had no worries, she and her family lived under the constant fear of Taliban and not to mention the fear of closing down of her school. She realized the importance of education because it was taken from her by force. And while many of us were busy in our lives, she was out there taking a stand for girls’ education.

Few days ago I was reading an article and in which the writer said that women are dying in Palestine and you wonder why we hate Malala. Is this a joke? How can it be Malala’s fault? She has got nothing to do with her. Some people argue that she got so much attention but the other women dying for this country don’t get much recognition. For God sake, she did not ask for the attention, did she? We, Pakistanis, gave her that attention. And who says that we don’t value the sacrifice of other women? We value the sacrifice made by them and we sincerely hope that it does not go in vain.

Another point that people argue on is that 25 million children in Pakistan are out of school and she is getting free education in England. 25 million children are not her responsibility. Its government responsibility and they should fulfill it. And in case you forgot, Malala’s father made a school and she gave much of her award money to the girls who could not afford education.

 I think Pakistan is a nation of confused people. We always want a hero but when that hero is born, we are not sure whether to recognize him/her as hero or to go against him/her. Maybe its time we overcome this confusion and start giving credit to people who deserve it.

Bariyah Faisal




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