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Italian town with just 2 residents, both adhere to COVID-19 SOPs

The Italian town of Nortosce has just two elderly retirees as its resident and they both insist on wearing face masks while adhering to social distancing norms even when they have no neighbours.

The two elderly people are the only inhabitants of a tiny Italian town and both of them are at remote locations from each other, but they are still wary of risking COVID-19. They are very serious when it comes to following COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Even though they have no neighbours, Giovanni Carilli, 82, and Giampiero Nobili, 74, wear their masks and ensure one-meter distance when they meet. The two men hardly, if ever, leave town.

Nortosce is located in the province of Perugia in Umbria. It’s positioned at an altitude of 900 metres above the ground, which makes it extremely difficult to reach.

Despite their isolated and deserted location, none of the two elderly residents feels protected from the virus.

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“I’m dead scared of the virus,” Carilli told media. “If I get sick, I’m on my own, who would look after me?” he asked while explaining why he’s very careful.

He added that he’s old, but he wants to keep living here in Nortosce, looking after his sheep, vines, beehives and orchard, “hunting truffles and mushrooms. I enjoy my life”.

Carilli noted that wearing a mask and respecting social distancing is not just for health reasons. “It’s not something ‘bad’ or ‘good’,” he said and added that if there are rules “you need to abide by them for your own sake and other people’s. It’s a matter of principle”.



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