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95-year-old grandmother becomes oldest person to recover from coronavirus

A 95-year-old has become the oldest known woman in Italy to recover from coronavirus.

Alma Clara Corsini, from Fanano in the province of Modena, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this month.

Alma Clara Corsini made a full recovery from Covid-19 without the need for antiviral treatment after her body showed a “great reaction” to the disease, doctors say.

The 95-year-old has since been discharged and has returned home.

According to the Italian paper, Ms Corsini became the ‘pride of the staff’ during her stay at the hospital which has been trying to cope with the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in the country.

Italy, the epicentre of the virus in Europe, has had more than 59,000 cases of Covid-19 so far.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Italy yesterday rose to 5476 – an increase of 651 from the day before.

Meanwhile, confirmed infections of the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic has reached 381,649 worldwide with global deaths hit 16,558 as COVID-19 spreads in 195 countries across the world, a news report said.

Global cases have more than doubled in the past week, according to the World Health Organization, and worldwide deaths have nearly tripled. Earlier this month, the WHO declared Europe the new epicenter of the outbreak as new cases in China stalled.

Outside of China, where the virus emerged in December, Italy has the most confirmed cases with 63,927 infections. Deaths in the country has reached to 6077.

The U.S. has the third-most confirmed infections in the world. With 29 more deaths, the overall death toll in United States has reached 582. US officials have said that number is likely to rise as the country rolls out broader testing across the country.

Coronavirus death toll in Spain has reached to 2311, while 35,136 cases have been confirmed.



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