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‘It’s not my cup of tea’

Romanian model and TV presenter Iulia Vantur is currently looking forward to the success of her latest single ‘Harjai’ which is debut song for Maniesh Paul as a singer.

The 37-year-old is mostly known in Asia as a friend of Salman Khan. In fact, Salman was the person who encouraged her to pursue a career in music and hence she had ventured in a song along Himesh Reshammiya a year back.

Lately, at the launching ceremony of Harjai, she was as always queried about her level of acquaintance with the Dabangg Khan or how deeper it could go.

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To a query, when she will be seen in a song with Salman Khan, she said, “Probably, when he will decide that he wants to sing.” Then she laughed at the afterthought saying that, “He already has done that, right?. There’s nothing that he can’t do.” She said she was not sure when it would materialise.

When she was asked about how bothering it was for her to be known as a friend of Salman, she said it was an honor to be his friend. “This doesn’t bother me.”

“But I am working, which is a good thing. When I came to India I had no plan to work,. It just happened. It happened with the song ‘O Teri’ with Himesh Reshammiya and that was a wonderful experience. I did not think of any of this thing. It just happened. I am enjoying it and I dont’ know what will come next.”

To another query, she said she was not interested in doing a Bollywood movie.

“I mean, it’s not my cup of tea”

“I have tried doing theatre in Romania and that was quite a pleasing experience, but music is something I really enjoy. Actually, I discovered it here that how rejoicing it is. I hope I will continue with that.”

In the end, she thanked Maniesh for the song and expressed her love for the romantic genre of song.

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