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Jackie Chan and Aamir Khan to work together!

The announcement will be well received from fans of both artists as each are renowned actors. The announcement that Chan and Khan will work together in a joint Indo-Chinese production comes in the wake of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three day visit to China, in a bid to enact business deals worth billions of dollars.

The joint production venture will amalgamate Chinese martial arts with Indian culture. The three films which have been announced, are commissioned under an agreement which took place when Chinese President Xi Jinping, when he visited Indian a year back. Kung Fu Yoga the first of the three films will feature both Aamir Khan and Jackie Chan. The second movie will be based on the life of a popular monk named Xuan Zang. The third film will be titled Da Nao Tian Zhu and will be helmed by Chinese star Da Nao Tian Zhu. 

Kung Fu Yoga, the first movie that features both Aamir Khan and Jackie Chan, is aptly titled since Kung Fu is a Chinese form of martial arts and Yoga is a method of relaxation, exercise or meditation most popular in India. In March, Jackie Chan had stated whilst promoting his film Dragon Blade that he was a fan of Aamir Khan. “You know, I watch very few Bollywood movies, but I loved 3 idiots, which was a big success in Hong Kong. I really love Aamir Khan, I became an overnight fan of Aamir.” Jackie Chan has previously starred in a movie titled The Myth with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. The two are reportedly good friends and have been pictured together on events quite often.

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Fans would do anything to get their hands on this film. Aamir’s latest film Pk became the highest grossing film of all time in India. Combined with Jackie Chan’s high flying, action packed fighting sequences, there exists no doubt this is bound to be an excellent venture.



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