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Jackie Shroff defends his daughter Krishna's risque pictures

Little known Krishna Shroff, daughter of actor Jackie Shroff, took the internet by storm when her ‘topless’ pictures surfaced online. Krishna had shared the risque pictures from her Instagram account and it had immediately created a furore online.

However, her father Jackie Shroff was not at all worried about the pictures. In fact, he had a little clarification to make as regards his daughter.

Krishna Shroff

“Let me clarify, she’s not topless in the pictures. She has a towel wrapped around her,” a daily quoted Jackie as saying. Jackie Shroff was also asked regarding her pictures at an event, to which he had stated that he had brought his kids up as responsible children and they made sensible decisions.

“I don’t like interfering in my kids’ lives. Both Tiger and Krishna are well brought up kids and they understand what to do and how to do. They will be the best to answer about themselves. I don’t like talking about them because I am comfortable with whatever they do.”

Krishna Shroff had also given her reaction and cleared the air about the photos. She said that the pictures were taken by a friend of hers, who was a photographer and wanted to build a portfolio.

Jackie Shroff

“It was basically just a photoshoot that my best-friend and I did for fun in my bedroom with nobody to share the experience with except ourselves. My friend is a photographer who is building her portfolio to further her career. The two of us like to have fun with the camera and just shoot whatever the mood of the moment…And since I like to put up aesthetic pictures for my private Instagram page it’s a win-win situation for both my photographer friend and me. As simple as that!” she said.

I guess the only apt phrase for this situation would be,”All is well that ends well!”



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