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Did Jaime Lannister get his hand back in Game of Thrones’ latest episode?

Game of Thrones season 8 came out nearly two years after season 7. Even then it has had its share of goof-ups.

People still haven’t forgotten the coffee mug placed in front of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in this season’s fourth episode. It had brought a flurry of responses from across the world, with some suggesting that Starbucks, coffee firms whose cup was apparently seen in the show, had got millions of dollars worth free marketing.

Now with episode 5 out, it seems as if the directors indeed got so much on their plate that they lost track of some tiny details, like [Spoiler ahead] Jaime Lannister’s hand growing back.

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Well, it didn’t really grow back due to some magic performed by Qyburn, hand of the queen Cersei and a maester who helped his amputation heal in season 3.

But Jaime did appear to have his right hand – not the metallic one – in a promotional photograph of the fifth episode.

We can only imagine the piece of mind the people responsible for this goof-up would’ve gotten from the directors.

The exact moment when the grown-back hand is visible is not there in the episode itself and the photo has since been taken down, but as we all know, Internet never forgets, like a three-eyed raven. Thankfully.

It, however, doesn’t matter anymore though. Only thing that mattered to Jaime Lannister was he and Cersei, and they both might have died under the stones.



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