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JAL, a film full of love for desert residents, is set to release on Apr 4

Bollywood film 'JAL' starring Purab Kohli,Rahul Singh and Kirti Kulhari is set in the Rann of Kutch, India about an overconfident water diviner named Bakka, who tries to solve the drought problems in his village, but faces unforeseen circumstances when he tries to help a female ornithologist save flamingos, ARY News reported.

The movie is Directed by Girish Malik and Produced by Sumit Kapoor,Punit Singh,Yogesh Mittal and Girish Malik.

This is basically a low budget movie and it attracts viewers. The theme of movie is very attractive. The complex of this movie is very shocking and also try to show the dark side of human character.

The Movie moves around a character named Bakka(Purab H Kohli) who lived in a small village facing scarcity of water. In movie Bakka some how convinced his villegers that he can identify where ground water is located. In this movie, Russian animal activist which is played by Saidah Jules Joins Bakka as she wants to protect the flamingoes that are dying in that area. Some people wants to establish a diesel pump there instead of doing any thing for solving the water problem. Some people also wants to kill Bakka  and after that the whole drama begins.

Talking about the Music of the movie ,its quality may be imagined by the fact that it is being directed by Sonu Nigam and Vikram Ghosh.

We all know that the Sonu Nigam is a legendary singer and he is the Music Director of this movie therefore the music is very good and pleasant to hear.



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