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Jalaibee's promotions in full swing!

As the release date for ARY Films awaited movie Jalaibee nears, anticipations and expectations are running high from fans. The Jalaibee crew, in a bid to promote and further hype the upcoming action movie, visited Super Cinema Lahore to chat with fans and the media as well.

Speaking to the media, the actors offered their insight as to the film’s theme and termed it as a ‘trendsetter’ film. Since Jalaibee’s trailer was released, the movie has spiked interest among film enthusiasts and is being waited with baited breath. Among those who visited the Super Cinema in Lahore were the beautiful Sabeeka Imam, the talented Zhalay Sarhadi, Wiqar Ali Khan and Salman Shaukat. Fans were especially excited and feverish to witness the celebrities in their midst.

Jalaibee’s plot revolves around two friends who become indebted to a local mafia. As the movie progresses, the duo realize they are in more trouble than they begin with. In order to make it, the are forced to take drastic measures and display survival instinct. The trailer of Jalaibee featured a mix of action, witty dialogues, classy villains and bullets firing every now and then! Sajid Hasan seems all set to score a stellar performance in the movie as a man of influence.

ARY Films has cemented its image as the premiere quality providing film distribution company. The cast which includes Zhalay Sarhadi, Sabeeka Imam, Ali Safina, Wiqar Ali Khan as well as others, is expected to deliver a fantastic performance. So for those who are waiting for another clasic movie to hit cinemas in Pakistan, should grab a Jalaibee come March 20th!



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