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‘Maar Bhi Sakti Hun’: ‘Jalan’ fans are finally happy for Areej as she takes Nisha head on

Jalan’ fans are already in love with Hajra Yamin’s acting and her character ‘Areej’, now the lady has given her fans another reason to love the character she is playing in the hugely popular play.

Her entry in Ahmer’s (played by Fahad Sheikh) house in Karachi and the reaction after she saw Nisha (played by Minal Khan) has fans in awe of both Hajra Yamin’s acting and the character’s return as a powerful wife as this was the first time, Areej asserted herself.

Contrary to what the viewers expected, Ahmer, who has till now only insulted her, not only tried to console her but also, for the first time, accepted her as his wife.

Though still full of doubts about this sudden change in Ahmer’s behaviour, Areej decides to take Nisha head on and not only stopped her from entering her house but also reminded her that her place is that of a devilish sister to Misha and fiancee who left Ahmer for money and status.

Not only that, she also almost exposed her plans before her husband Asfand (played by Emmad Irfani) and reminded him that she is not Misha, his ex-wife who couldn’t understand Nisha’s plans and allowed her to wreck her home.

A number of fans have come with interesting comments for Hajra Yamin’s character on social media, here are some.

But still, some fans were a little confused after seeing the episode 26 teaser where Ahmer tells Areej “tum mujhe pasand nhii ho Areej”.

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