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Jang Group admits receiving of funds from US, UK

KARACHI: Jang Group, in a explanatory statement, has admitted that it had received 9 million pounds from England and 3 million dollars from the United States (US), senior anchorperson of ARY News, Mubashir Lucman had unveiled this issue quite ago – ARY News reports.

According to details, foreign funding to media organizations is not new and rumors as well as reports keep circling on this issue, but it is now the Jang Group itself, which has confessed acquiring funds from foreign countries. In a explanatory statement published in Daily Jang newspaper, the media organization itself admitted that it had received 9 million pounds from England, while 3 million dollars were provided by the US.

All this issue popped up, when identical news was published in Hindustan Times and Daily Jang, in which serious allegations were leveled on Pakistan's prime intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), directly and indirectly. Mubashir Lucman had unveiled this entire issue, in his program Khara Sach.

Meanwhile, the documents in which Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF) had asked the United States (US) for funds, for building public perceptions through various campaigns, including 'Zara Sochiye'. After this the question arises, whether it was the first time that Jang Group was funded by foreign powers, another question is that media, which directly influences the thoughts of the people, criticizes as well as praises state policies, should it acquire foreign funds, keeping in view its own highly sensitive and significant position.

This should be noticed whenever a foreign power funds any organization, it also puts forth some conditions, from this another question rises that why are security and other institutions silent on foreign funding to media, question is how long will this silence prevail.



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