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Jang Group publishes fake story to malign President & CEO ARY Network

Reacting to a baseless story published by Jang Group wrongly attributed to the High Court, Faisal Chaudhry, the counsel of Mr. Iqbal, said that he is reviewing the court verdict and the contents of the story to file a contempt case against the media house.

“Jang Group, in following of its traditions, has once again conspired to defame the President and CEO of ARY Network,” he said. “And, in order to fulfill its malafide intentions the media group attributed its story to Justice Athar Minallah, which is against the facts.”

“In doing so, the Jang Group did not even care about the dignity of the courts,” he added.

While denying the contents of the fabricated story, Mr Chaudhry said that yesterday while hearing a petition filed by Mr. Iqbal, the High Court directed the lower court to soon announce a verdict in the case according to the law.

“The court in its verdict clarified that Mr. Iqbal is a law-abiding citizen who has always respected the courts,” said Faisal Chaudhry. “It also said that the lower court announced no verdict against the President and CEO of ARY Network and hence the lower court be approached, to which the petitioner also agreed.”

The counsel of Mr. Iqbal maintained that the contents of story published by Jang Group greatly differ from court verdict.

Mr. Chaudhry further said that he is reviewing the matter and contemplating filing a contempt of court petition against the media house.




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