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Jaun Elia's 12th Death Anniversary Today

Born on 15 December 1931 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. Brother to journalist and psychoanalyst Rais Amrohvi and journalist and philosopher Syed Muhammad Taqi, Jaun was the youngest son of Shafiq Hasan Elia.

Jaun Elia was a scholar in the true sense of the word. He had a command over many languages including Arabic and Persian, and like his father he could also read Sanskrit and Hebrew.

He had vast  knowledge of the history of philosophy, religion, Islamic mysticism, and even Kabbalah, the mystical aspect of Judaism

During his youth, Pakistan gained independence as a Muslim state. Being a Communist, Elia was averse to the idea, but finally accepted it as a compromise. He migrated to Pakistan in 1957, and made Karachi his home.

His Works and Strange Nature

Jaun Elia’s first collection of poems ‘Shaayad’ was published when he was 58. He has written in the preface to ‘Shaayad’ that he procrastinated publishing his first book for nearly 30 years.

According to Jaun Elia, he promised his father Allama Shafique Hasan Elia, a scholar of the highest order, that he would publish his works when he grew up. Jaun didn’t publish them.

Jaun didn’t grow up.


Khalid Ahmed Ansari’s Efforts

 Khalid Ahmed Ansari to Jaun Elia is what Max Brod was to Kafka.
Urdu literature will remain forever indebted to Mr. Ansari for his services to Jaun Elia in particular and Urdu literature in general. ‘Gumaan’, ‘Lekin’, and ‘Goya’, were published by Mr. Ansari in the span of eight years, which was never an easy task. Jaun’s writings were scattered and hardly legible.
Mr. Ansari had to go through each and every poem before making it public. It also involved a great deal of research work on Jaun. Jaun was a bohemian poet, and he never cared to compile his poems in a proper manner.

‘Farnood’, a collection of Jaun’s essays is also available.

Death stared in his face many a time as he was a chronic TB patient. Finally he bowed out on 7th November, leaving behind thousands of his fans to mourn his loss.

His Stature

Jaun Elia’s stature in Urdu poetry has largely been determined. Critics and masses have hailed him as one of the finest Urdu poets of all times.

Here we present one of his finest pieces of poetry which aptly showcases how Jaun can blend philosophy, romance and poetry with eloquence and effortless ease.

Khatra Hai

Aish E Umeed Hi Se Khatra Hai..

Dil Ko Ab Dil Dahi Se Khatra Hai..


Hai Kuch Aisa Kay Uski Jalwat Mein..

Hamein Apni Kami Se Khatra Hai..


Jis Ki Aghosh Ka Hoon Deewana..

Us Ki Aghosh Hi Sey Khatra Hai..


Yaad Ki Dhoop To Hai Rouz Ki Baat..

Han Mujhe Chandani Sey Khatra Hai..


Hai Ajab Kuch Muamla Dar-Paish..

Aqel Ko Aaga’ahi Sey Khatra Hai..


Sheher E Ghaddar Jaan Ley Kay Tujhe..

Aik Amroohi Sey Khatra Hai..


Main Kahoon Kis Tarhan Yeh Baat Us Sey..

Tujh Ko Janam Mujhi Sey Khatra Hai..


Aaj Bhi Aye Kanaar E Baan Mujhe

Teri Ik Sanwali Sey Khatra Hai..


In Laboun Ka Lahoo Na Pee Jaon..

Apni Tishna Labi Sey Khatra Hai..


Jaun! Hee To Hai Jaun Kay Darpay..

Meer Ko Meer Hi Sey Khatra Hai..


Ab Nahin Baat Koi Khatray Ki..

Ab Sabhi Ko Sabhi Sey Khatra Hai..



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