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Jawad Ahmad tests positive for COVID for the second time

Jawad Ahmad has contracted coronavirus for the second time in five months.

Ahmad took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the alarming news, saying, “I contracted COVID again. Don’t know if I’ll survive or not.”

The 50-year-old, who had earlier been diagnosed with COVID in November during the second wave, acknowledged that he had enough money to treat it if it got serious but, “the truth is that it is no more fun to just keep living in this world full of poverty, helplessness, and deprivation.”

Ahmad concluded his message on an ominous note, saying, “One needs to change it before going to heaven.”

During his first diagnosis, the Mehndi singer had isolated himself and advised people to act sensibly. “I would urge you all to be careful as this is the guarantee of the health & life of our families at this time,” he had said at the time.



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