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Jeb Bush enters White House race

John Ellis Bush known as “Jeb” announced his Whitge House bid in his native city Miami, Florida, promising to remove Washington as an obstacle to effective government and economic prosperity and declaring that “America deserves better.”

“I’m a candidate for president of the United States,” he declared.
Mr. Bush, whose two terms as governor of Florida were marked by the privatization of traditional state services, vowed to “take Washington – the static capital of this dynamic country – out of the business of causing problems” in “the campaign that begins today.”

Mr. Bush, 62, is declaring his White House ambitions nearly 27 years after his father was elected president, molding a political dynasty that would propel one son into a governor’s office and another into the White House.

Jeb Bush have also Hispanic links as his wife Columba is Mexican and he also speaks Spanish well.



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