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Jemima intends to revert to her maiden name

The foreign media quoted Jemima Khan as saying, “‘My ex-husband, Imran, recently announced that he intended to get remarried soon, which made me think it’s probably time to change my name back to Goldsmith.”

The 40-year-old daughter of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith further said “I kept ‘Khan’ originally as my children felt strongly about it, but now they’re grown up they don’t seem to care.”

Jemima, who has two sons with Imran, seems particularly, has written in the New Statesman magazine that “I’ve been Khan for as long as I was Goldsmith and I last used my maiden name when I was a child (OK, 21).”

‘I quite like that my name represents my “Juslim” identity (Jemima being Jewish, Khan Muslim-ish).’

Heiress Jemima converted to Islam before marrying Imran in a traditional Muslim ceremony in Paris at the age of 21.

They said their marriage collapsed because it was ‘difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan’.

She went on to have a three-year relationship with foppish actor Hugh Grant.



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