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Jennifer Aniston’s skincare routine for youthful glow

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston who has time and again proven that age is just a number, has spilled secrets to her skincare routine. 

Her every beauty move is closely documented and duplicated by many fans. The divas’ haircut launched a million copycats and was forever deemed “The Rachel” due to its popularity.

The 50-year-old has a few skincare tricks up her sleeve, she shared in an interview with Vogue. Her morning routine includes “Eye masks and cryo sticks. Another good one that my facialist taught me is just getting a bowl of ice water and splash your face 25 times. It’s an old school trick that Joan Crawford used to do—it just wakes your skin up.”

“We are sold such a bill of goods wrapped up in expensive packaging but I have found that when it comes to a skincare routine, the simpler the better,” she said.

The Friends actor highlighted how sometimes the extreme forms of treatments often backfire in the longer term. “I had a laser treatment about 10 years ago that just bloodied my face for about a month. It was way too aggressive and that’s when I realized that what works in the short term might be damaging in the long run.”

The actress added “I still sit in the sun…you need that vitamin D for a glow and your mood. But I know I can’t do it all year round, and I have become a fan of body bronzers and spray tans.”

She also stressed on eating healthy as it affects a person’s outer look significantly. It can be achieved through healthier food options, curtailing on snacks, workout or meditation.



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