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Jewelry, sneakers and lots of paper towels at ‘Whitey’ Bulger auction

He also expected consistency in his footwear, judging by a catalog for a U.S. Marshals auction of his property set for next week in Boston.

The items up for auction include four unworn pairs of men’s Asics sneakers, size 9.5, and five packs of cushioned insoles, according to an auction catalog released on Thursday.

The auction is intended to raise money for the families of the 11 people he was convicted of murdering or ordering killed in the 1970s and ’80s when he ran Boston’s “Winter Hill” crime gang.

Bulger, now 86, fled Boston in 1994 on a tip from a corrupt FBI agent that arrest was imminent and spent 16 years on the lam with his girlfriend Catherine Greig, now 65, before the FBI caught up with them in a seaside apartment in Santa Monica, California, in 2011.

The auction includes a mix of valuable items including a replica Stanley Cup ring, a yellow gold Claddagh ring and appropriately, given the outcome of his trial, a sterling silver “Psycho Killer Ring.”

It also includes more mundane items seized at the apartment, such as clothing, kitchen items and 30 rolls of paper towels.

It seems the man found guilty of hiding bodies in the dirt-floored basement of a South Boston home appreciated the importance of cleaning up after himself.



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