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College student’s push-ups in front of a bus in Jhelum go viral

If you commute via public transport, how do you hail the bus? Some people would wave at the driver while others may whistle. But a video has surfaced from Jhelum that has completely redefined the way one stops the buses.

The video, which has gone viral since then, shows a college student doing push-ups in the middle of the G.T Road in front of a coach while his fellows are watching.

The college student, identified as Nasir, a student of the first year in Government College Jhelum, then can be seen rising from the ground, standing straight and gesturing the strength of his arms to the bus driver amidst the cheers of his friends.

After the video went viral, the college principal reportedly called the boy and his father in his office to censure over the irresponsible act which could endanger lives.

It is worthwhile to note that in Punjab, students enjoy a special discount on bus fares, due to which the drivers are often hesitant to let them board because it means lesser profit to them.

Due to this adamant behaviour, the students often have no option but to stand in the middle of the road, risking their lives to make the driver stop the bus.



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