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JI chief advises media to focus on real issues of people

Speaking to media in Lahore, the JI Ameer advised journalists to focus on portraying people’s real problems rather than focusing on differences between PPP leadership.

Baldia Factory Fire

Talking about Baldia Town tragedy, Haq said that the JIT report is no ordinary court report but a report prepared with the help of intelligence agencies.

He maintained that the nation is looking towards Prime Minister Pakistan for justice regarding the deadly fire which took lives of 259 labourers.

JI chief expressed hope that the matter will not be politicized.

Security threats: Prosecutor in Baldia factory case quits

Blaze in Ali Enterprises – a garment factory in Baldia Town of Karachi – burnt at least 258 people alive on September 11, 2012.

The joint investigation report by law enforcement agency declared that the factory blaze was an act of ‘foul play’, instead of an accident, after its owner refused to pay an extortion amount.

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