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JI demands ISPR to elaborate on Musharraf's statement

LAHORE: Jamat e Islami (JI) has demanded the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) to elaborate on the statement of the former military President General (R) Pervez Musharraf mentioning to have the support of Pakistan Army in the treason trial against him – ARY News reports.

Talking to media after the meeting of JI majlis shura'a here at Mansoora on Saturday, JI Ameer Munawwar Hassan demanded the ISPR instead of the Defence Minister, to elaborate on the statement of Pervez Musharraf in which he had claimed that the military is also upset with the treason trial against him.

He added that Saudi Arabia or any other country should not interrupt for securing Pervez Musharraf and if it happens then JI will fully react against it. He said that Pervez Musharraf should himself refuse to go abroad.

Munawwar further welcomed the decision of PM Nawaz Sharif to charge Molana Sami ul Haq with the assignment of negotiating with Taliban.



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