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JI to again revive talks between govt, PTI, PAT

Addressing media here, he said that first a political jirga would hold its meeting and then it would reach out to three stake holders.

He called for making a collective roadmap for containing floods-related losses.

A specific group has held democratic institutions, economy and country a hostage, he said.

He asked how long the Supreme Court would keep on taking suo motu notices.

The JI, he said, has decided to call people from all over Pakistan to Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. “The planned public meeting will be attended by scholars, elders and students. There we will launch a new Pakistan movement”, he announced.

We will not support any movement that may harm the structure of the country. We are opposing any move of a political party that threatens the constitution, he added.

JI is also striving for electoral reforms to ensure free and transparent polls next time, he added.

The JI chief said rights of women were also suppressed in the country.




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