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JI wants Sadiq to decline acceptance of PTI resignations

Addressing a press conference here, the JI chief said if resignations by PTI lawmakers were accepted, it would add to the crisis.

“We spoke to various stakeholders about the issue and we are in touch with both the sides. They assured us to ensure upholding democratic norms and providing relief to the people.” He hoped that the matter will be resolved before acceptance of the resignation.

Flanked by NA speaker Sadiq, he said when both sides were speaking of democratic values, it gave us hope.

Siraj said, “We requested the NA speaker to take the resignation move of PTI as a ground reality instead of any technical matter.”

He was of the view that 180 million people wished that the crisis be resolved through dialogue. Our brotherly neighbouring country China also wants the peaceful solution to this crisis.

In the wake of protests, over Rs 700 billion loss has inflicted the country’s economy, he said.

He appealed both the sides to come out of their ego and find a middle ground. He praised the leadership of long marches that no damage was done to lives and public property during what he described as a peaceful protest.

The JI chief hailed the state response to the protest. “We also appreciate the government for refraining from any violent tactic to disperse protesters.” He praised the Supreme Court from distancing itself from political matters.

“If Pakistan is deprived of the constitution it cannot unite the democratic forces again. No party has announced to do away with the constitution. If PTI resignations are accepted then it will add to the political crisis.”

Speakers said he told PTI parliamentarians to voice their concerns in the National Assembly instead of tendering resignation. After taking charge as the NA speaker, I am not biased and not siding with any political party, he claimed

The resignation issue could be delayed for a day or two with consent of PTI lawmakers, but it could not be put off, he added.



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