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Jibran Syed Cheats All for One

Jibran Syed is playing the role of a domestic sexual abuser who is too cunning to let even his wife ‘Minal’ (Arjumand Rahim) know that he is harassing her younger sister ‘Rameen’ (effectively played by Sajal Ali).

Jibran proves with his effective acting that he can dodge not only the whole family but even the victim’s husband Aazer (played by Fahad)

Jibran’s two paced acting skills are being lauded among the drama buffs.

About the drama

‘Chup Raho’, the ARY Digital drama has already earned accolades from drama viewers and critics alike for bringing the issue of domestic sexual abuse forward has Sajal Ali playing ‘Rameen’, the terrified young victim of harassment from a cunning brother-in-law  Numair (played by Jibran Syed), who after abusing her, harasses the young lady in every possible way. To keep her close, Numair has also given her young husband played by Feroz Khan)  a good job at his place, residence and car.

To watch all the episodes online Click: Chup Raho




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