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Jirga declares girl ‘kari’ in Ghotki

The girl, identified as Nagina and a student of 11th grade, has been declared kari by the jirga (council of unelected tribal elders).

The jirga said the couple was liable to be killed if they disobey orders.

The jirga also imposed a fine of Rs 1.2 million on the couple along with handing over a girl as wani (to settle a dispute).

SSP Ghotki Saqib Sultan has taken notice of the report aired by ARY News about a couple declared ‘Karo-Kari’ by a jirga in Ghotki.

Copy of a marital contract (nikkah nama) of the couple.

Wani is a cultural custom found in some tribal areas of Pakistan wherein young girls are forcibly married as part of punishment for a crime committed by her male relatives.



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