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John Abraham’s angry reaction to Bipasha Basu’s wedding

Bitter spats and public disputes have oft been observed between celebrity couples, especially those pertaining to Bollywood. Bipasha Basu and John Abraham were once inseparable and have now become bitter foes. According to sources close to both actors, the two don’t even like running into each other at public gatherings and events. So much so that Bipasha even left out John Abraham when it came to inviting guests to her upcoming wedding.

Well, things have certainly not brightened up for the both of them. At a recent book launch event, John Abraham was asked as to what he had to say about Bipasha Basu’s upcoming wedding with Karan Singh Grover. Not only did John choose to ignore the question altogether, he also shoved the mike away from the reporter and walked off.

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu dated each other for a long time before separating after a bitter break-up. Bipasha chose to invite a couple of her ex-boyfriends to her wedding and needless to say, John was left out.

Will we see the two of them ever reconcile and John wish Basu a happy wedding? Seems less likely but who knows!



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