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Joshi Festival adds colors to beautiful Kalash Valley

CHITRAL: Annual religious festival 'Joshi' of the Kalash Tribe of north western mountainous region of Pakistan, added colors to the beautiful valley – ARY News reports.

With the onset of the Joshi Festival, colors of spring seemed to spread everywhere, women alongside singing religious songs presented their traditional dance, they were also joined by the Kalash men. The performers danced to the beat of the drums, holding the “sacred branches” of the walnut tree in their hands.


Kalash people honor their God through this traditional dance, in their own particular manner.

Pleased with the native culture, many of the tourists adorned colorful traditional dresses like that of locals, which presented a beautiful sight.

On this occasion, MPA Syed Sardar Hussain stressed on the need of the welfare of Kalash Tribe, another MPA of KP Assembly, Salim Khan vowed to continue efforts for highlighting the culture of Kalash Valley and its preservation.

Tourists from within Pakistan and abroad visit the valley every year, in order to observe the distinct way of living of Kalash people and their unique culture.



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