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UPDATED: TV anchor Dr Moeed Pirzada’s arrest in UAE causes stir back home

Sources told ARY News that Mr. Pirzada was arrested on charges of property fraud. He was found forging property documents, said a source. However, Foreign Office has not released any official word on charges of the arrest. It was also reported that his sister has been arrested but this could not be independently verified.

The TV anchor went to the UAE to see his ailing father.

The Foreign Office said it was contacting the UAE officials to seek access to Mr. Pirzada to provide him all possible assistance.

Today Dr Pirzada also tweeted at 10.51am (PST) about his ailing father’s condition. He also appealed for prayers.

Report of arrest causes stir back home

His arrest caused much stir among Pakistan’s TV-viewing public, especially those who happen to be his fans. Many of them asked in bewilderment that how could someone like him — who is seemingly the epitome of ethics and morality — be arrested, and that too in a foreign land on the alleged charge of forgery.

However, there were others who had an opposing view who said that it was ironic and surprising that someone who would every give lectures to others on morality and ethics and would pass judgment on the virtues, or lack thereof, of others would himself be caught this way.


Last month, a Pakistani analyst Zaid Hamid was arrested in Saudi Arabia last month. Mr Hamid was detained by Saudi authorities during his private visit to the Kingdom. Reports suggest that he made speeches against the Saudi government at a function and was arrested for lashing out against Arabs.

Twitter reacts to Dr. Pirzada’s arrest





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