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Jubilee Life Insurance presents campaign for ‘Fantastic Fathers Squad’

It’s not easy to be a father. Every day, he steps out of a home with tonnes of strength and determination for his children because he is afraid to fail them. He continuously works hard to make his children’s present trouble-free and prays for their future to be happier because he wishes to see big smiles on their faces. What for? To get a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day that a father’s job is done.

They lovingly create great memories for their children who often regrettably fail to cherish sacrifices he offers to become a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

However, there is a successful running insurance campaign in Pakistan that has vowed to support all the ‘fantastic fathers’ out there, looking after their loved ones and sharing their responsibilities by taking some of the worries off their shoulders. Results!!! Fathers are happy and their families too.

Jubilee Life Insurance – a company that needs no introduction when it comes to providing affordable and realistic insurance plans for its clients – recently launched an unbeaten insurance package that has been helping the fathers, as heads of their families, in meeting education, marriage and health challenges for their families.

The campaign with the slogan of ‘Kia Yeh Sahi Hoga’ shows a perfect small family with all the facilities of life yet unaware what the future might be hiding for them, leaving the father wondering about his children’s and wife’s tomorrow.

It gives you a shocking realisation that no matter how smooth your life at present is, your today can never guarantee that your tomorrow will be the same.

‘Be prepared!’ the Jubilee Life Insurance campaign shouts out at all the fathers before any troublesome incident ruins the comfort and bliss of their families. It wants them to secure their families’ future through carefully designed education, marriage and retirement insurance plans by Jubilee Life Insurance that of course have been created as per individual needs.

The TVC on digital and ATL mediums for this campaign has been inspiring Pakistani fathers to plan ahead and make the right and timely decisions for their families and that too, today.

Are you inspired too? We’re positive you have been.




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