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Judge recognizes suspect as a former classmate

According to a foreign news agency, 49 year old Arthur Booth was brought to a hearing at a Florida court when Judge Mindy Glazer asked him if he went to a local middle school.

Booth realized that the judge was his middle school classmate and burst into tears while sobbing “Oh My Goodness”.

Glazer remarked that Booth was the nicest kid in the school and used to play football with him.

It was reported that the suspect was arrested for being involved in a burglary earlier this week.

The judge’s cousin Melissa Miller said that Booth burst into tears because he was ashamed of his arrest. She added that the suspect was a scholar, well-rounded athlete and a bilingual.

“Good luck to you, sir and I hope you’re able to come out of this OK and just lead a lawful life”, she said.

The judge set Booth’s bail at $43,000 and hoped that he will transform his life.



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