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Judges’ young son disappears on way to friend’s home

A 25-year-old son of two judges has disappeared on New Year Eve after he left a female friend’s home to visit another friend.

Alexander Holden Holden, who is the son of Missouri Judge Calvin Holden and Associate Judge Margaret Palmietto, was last seen around 2:30 am, leaving his apartment off of I Street near 22nd Street.

His female friend Kennedi Perri said that he had left for a friend’s house and planned to spend the night there.

She said that the friend’s home was in Natomas, an area Holden was familiar enough to walk to via the Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail.

“He usually uses this track and since he is an avid runner, he would find no difficulty in crossing it,” she told the media adding that his mobile phone likely died as he was walking toward the trail.

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The authorities have begun a search for the youngster, who works at Amazon and has lived in Sacramento for a few years.

The missing man is also the nephew of former Missouri Governor Bob Holden.



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