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Judicial commission issues questionnaire to political parties

According to details, the commission in its meeting today reviewed the rigging evidences submitted by five political parties. PTI chairman Imran Khan also appeared in today’s hearing, while Nawaz-league’s Shahid Hamid also submitted the ruling party’s reply in the commission.

The commission headed by CJ Nasirul Mulk issued a written questionnaire for political parties. The judicial commission asked following things:

1- Do you allege that the Elections 2013 were not transparent and organized? If yes, then explain and present witnesses and evidences to substantiate your claims.

2- Were the elections rigged in an organized manner and irregularities pre-planned? If yes, then tell who planned it and present documentary proofs along with witnesses.

3- Whether the polls were rigged for the Provincial or National Assembly? If for National Assembly, then elaborate that whether it was planned for all four provinces.

Talking to media after commission’s hearing, PML-N leader Anusha Rehman said that Tehreek-i-Insaf has failed to submit rigging evidences.

“PTI raised objection on 58 constituencies out of a total of 850 constituencies,” she added.



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