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Judicial commission will pave way for a fair electoral system: Rasheed

Expressing his views in ARY News show ‘Khara Sach’, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed claimed that the ‘wave for change has not died infact a lot of people are now looking towards Imran Khan for change.

“People may have different opinions about PTI politics but they have no choice”, remarked Rasheed.

The parliamentarian was of the view that if Pakistan wants to get rid of ‘Nawaz’ and ‘Zardar’ type of politics.

About Khwaja Asif episode

About Defence Minister Khwaja Asif’s diatribe against PTI MNAs during joint session on Yemen issue, Rasheed claimed that none should have doubts that whatever Asif did, did it with the approval of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

About Judicial Commission

Program host, Mubasher Lucman asked Rasheed about the judicial commission and his doubts over altering evidence of rigging to which AML chief replied that the culprits of rigging can alter evidence of one or two constituencies.

” Not a single politician is claiming that the May 11 election was fair, how can they overlook the fact”, claimed Rasheed.

AML chief opined that judicial commission will at least lay the foundations of a fair electoral system.



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