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No provision for ‘judicial martial law’ in constitution: CJP

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Friday strongly dismissed rumours of the possibility of “judicial martial law” being imposed in the country, saying that there was no such provision in the constitution.

Addressing a Pakistan Day event at Cathedral Church, the CJP warned against any threats to democracy, saying that any provision above the constitution will not be accepted.

“There’s no question of judicial martial law, the constitution does not allow any such thing,” said Justice Nisar, asserting that he taken an oath to protect the constitution.

He declared that any deviation from the constitution will not be tolerated, and that he would not allow “democracy to be derailed in the country”.

CJP Saqib Nisar hoped the upcoming general elections would be independent and the next government would be formed in accordance with the constitution.

CJP insisted that it was the duty of a judge to treat everyone equally without bias, either a ruler or citizen, and that the country will be run under the constitution and judiciary will provide justice.

He stressed on the need to unite as a nation which is the only way to safeguard independence and freedom. He said that people who have an independent country are fortunate, and we must respect the nation like our mother.

He added that leadership, supremacy of law, independent judiciary and impartial provision of justice are the most important aspects for a country to progress.

He said that the country should be run in accordance with law and constitution, and that accountability will not be held on the basis of a person’s status.

CJP stated that the judiciary cares for the minorities, and even Quaid-i-Azam had said on numerous occasions that non-Muslim communities in Pakistan would have the same rights as the Muslim majority.



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