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Junaid Jamshed, Salman Ahmed’s latest anthem Chand Sitara set to take nation by storm

If you’re a Junaid Jamshed and Salman Ahmed fan (most likely you are), then you’re in for a treat tonight. Both veteran singers will release their upcoming epic collaboration titled Chand Sitara today at 10pm on TV. Here are a couple of tweets that Salman Ahmed did from today:-

The song ( as the name suggests) will be a patriotic one and will undoubtedly bring back the good old days of music, when Junaid Jamshed with Vital Signs used to rule the charts and Salman Ahmed’s Junoon gave us consecutive hits.

Junaid Jamshed’s return to music will be highly anticipated in this song, as the singer-turned-fashion designer has turned to preaching over the years.



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