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Junoon reunion not on the cards: Ali Azmat’s jibe at Salman Ahmad

There were talks several months before of an impending reunion between Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmad, culminating into the best rock band that emerged from Pakistan, Junoon. Though vibes had always been welcoming and positive from Salman Ahmad, it was always Ali Azmat who shot down rumours. This time around, Ali took a dig at Salman in response to the latter’s latest song Kaise Bolun:-

Salman Ahmad’s latest song Kaise Bolun has been an absolute disaster with fans and critics alike. The ‘colourful’ video was deemed to be a little too enthusiastic and Salman’s prowess as a musician and guitarist was also challenged by some angry fans on Twitter. However, the actor remained undaunted by nasty comments from fans and posted positive tweets:-

Perhaps Salman could really have done something better than Kaise Bolun view the song (or not) below:-



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