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Justice Arab never quits the bench, says court order

ISLAMABAD: The Special Court in its order on Thursday's proceedings of treason trial against Pervez Musharraf, said that Justice Faisal Arab didn't quit the bench and the judges left the courtroom over the remarks of the defence lawyer for today, ARY News reports. 

The bench in its written order has said that Pervez Musharraf should be produced before the court on March 31st hearing. 

The order further said that Justice Faisal Arab didn't quit the bench but stopped court proceedings for today. 

Justice Arab left the court hearing after the defence lawyer's allegations of bias of the court. The act of the Justice created an impression that he has recused himself to the case. 

The special court in its order also rejected the defence side's plea for amendment in its March 14 decision. 

The court also maintained its order of the arrest warrants of Musharraf and his production before the court on March 31st. 

The order has been signed by all three judges of the bench. 

The former president’s lawyers in today's hearing said that Akram Sheikh should not be allowed to speak on the case until the court announces its verdict regarding his appointment.

Justice Arab responding to the demand said the prosecutor will be allowed to speak in the court. To which Musharraf’s advocates said that they were not happy with the bench and blamed it of partiality.

Justice Arab told the defence lawyers if they were not satisfied, the bench was also not happy and could not hear the case in this situation. After remarks, he left the courtroom. The remaining two judges of the bench also followed him.



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