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Justice can’t be served under current premier, reiterates Imran Khan

Addressing the participants of Azadi March, Imran Khan said Pakistan is lacking behind due to the absence of real democracy here. He said, “When people elect their representatives, they serve the people, but when these representatives are elected through unfair means, they only care about their families and relatives and forget about the people”.

The PTI chairman said as long as elections will be rigged, actual representatives of the people will not come in power and the rulers of the state will not make any policy in favor of the people.

He inquired the participants, “If the premier Nawaz Sharif had come in power through their votes, had hi increased the power tariff”. To which, the participants replied in a loud ‘no’.

Khan said Pakistan has abundance of resources, the masses here are talented and they make enough progress whenever they go abroad, but they are not provided chances in their own country, for there is no democracy here.

He added, “Until a true democracy is not restored, there is no future of the country. Unfortunately, this has been the case in the entire Muslim world and there are hardly three or four democratic Muslim states in the world”.

Imran Khan said, “Pakistan was left behind due to unfair elections and we have come here to free this country”.



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