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#JusticeForParodyReham trending after parody account on her blocked

The parody account of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s wife had followed by more than 39,000 Twitter users.

The tweeters, using the hashtag, took Twitter and the PTI followers to task with their posts.

Sumaiya Somi bashed the PTI supporters for the account suspension by dedicating a poetry to them while some stated that the account was ‘better’ than Reham Khan’s original one.

Fatima writes, “Stupid Twitter and stupid people who reported it. Get a life ASAP. Google the word *parody* and then go die.”

Some Twitter users said that the account suspension was against democracy and freedom of speech while other said that the website violated its own policies.

Sheharyar posted a picture of Imran Khan “celebrating” the account closure.

A backup of the satirical account has been launched with the name of “Bhabhi Returns”.



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