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Justin Bieber attends mediation session over alleged assault

Bieber slipped in the back door of the office building where the session was held so as to avoid reporters, according to footage from the local affiliate of CBS.

Bieber, 21, later left without making any public comment.

Photographer Jeffrey Binion sued the singer in 2013 for allegedly ordering one of his bodyguards to assault Binion as the paparazzo tried to take shots of the singer in Miami Beach.

The lawsuit alleges that the bodyguard threatened the photographer with a gun and removed the memory card from his camera.

The pop idol has had numerous run-ins with the law, including in his native Canada, where he has been accused of assault.

In the United States he was arrested on charges of driving a sports car recklessly in Miami Beach. In Los Angeles, he was convicted and sentenced to two years probation for throwing eggs at the home of a neighbor.

Bieber used his recent visit to Miami to make surprise appearances on the stage Saturday at a concert given by singer Ariana Grande and on Sunday at an electronic music festival called Ultra. -AFP



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