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Juvenile delinquency at its large

This transformation, or should we just address it by its scientific term, puberty, makes them sensitive, vulnerable to negative emotions and prone to violent behavior.

We hear several sermons being given about good parenting which are directly picked up for the religious books and then complicated with jargons by psychologists. But does the duty of detecting and then dealing with a psychologically troubled child only falls on the parents or does the society have a much greater, holistic, role to play?

Juvenile delinquency is associated with criminal attitudes in children. We take the age range to be people under the age of 18 who exhibit violent behavior and resort to criminal activities intentionally. The convicts are tried in a juvenile court and if found guilty are sentenced to/ serve a designated term in detention centers.

While, theft, robbery, street fighting, vandalism and assaults are already crimes to great to be committed by young minds, the world has witnessed a horrific shift where now children are reported to be committing manslaughter in cold blood. The same way children have blurred the distinguishing line between fantasy and reality, adults are debating the subject of convicting them as juvenile offenders or adults.

Here is a list of 5 juvenile offenders who committed first degree murders of people close them in pure cold blood.

 1) Jasmine Richardson:

Jasmine Richardson was a 12-year-old juvenile delinquent who planned and committed the cold-blooded murder of both her parents and her younger brother with the help of her boyfriend and accomplice, 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke. On April 23, 2006 at 1:00 p.m., the bodies of her father Marc Richardson, her mother Debra, and her 8-year-old brother Jacob were found in their home. She was absent from the site, and the neighbors and police initially believed that she had been abducted. The following day she was arrested along with her boyfriend Steinke from Leader, Saskatchewan, a location about 130 kilometers away from the site of the murders. Both were charged with the three murders. On November 8, 2007, Judge Brooker sentenced her to the maximum 10 years sentence permissible under the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act. Brooker said, “The circumstances surrounding these murders are horrific. It is difficult to imagine a more horrific crime.”

2) Marcelo Pesseghini:

The 13 year old Brazilian boy who got inspired from The Amityville Horror shot dead his parents, grandmother and great aunt after having a normal day at school in 2013 and then committed suicide by shooting himself on the head using the same gun.

His friend later, in his interview to the police, recalled Marcelo telling him several times that he wanted to become a hired killer when older.

Marcelo Pesseghini uploaded a famous photo which some claim shows the ghost of one of the victims – an image widely known as the Amityville Ghost Boy – to his Facebook page shortly before Christmas last year.

 3) Kornegay Sisters:

On January 8th this year, the Kornegay sisters, Ariel Kornegay, 16, and her 11 year old sister who was not named due to her young age shot their 16 year old brother, Damien Kornegay, in their Columbia County home in the absence of their parents.

The motive for the homicide was stated to be the abusive behavior of the brother towards his sisters. Ariel in her official statement recorded by the County Sheriff said that on the fateful night, her parents had been out for a movie and had left the sisters in attendance of their brother (the victim) who under the influence of alcohol beat his 15 year old sister and locked her inside the room. Her 11 year old sister let her out and then assisted her with shooting their brother with their father’s shotgun.

 4) Jonathan Aguiluc:

In February 2013, Gloria Yanes, 39 and a resident of Washington D.C., left her son to babysit his sisters while she went to work Thursday night. She discovered her 7-month-old daughter unresponsive when she returned and attempted to feed her the following morning.

Aguiluc confessed to police that he beat his infant sister, Larissa Yanes and then covered her nose and mouth when she would not stop crying. When she had apparently quieted, Aguiluc placed her in a car seat. That is where the mother found the infant’s dead body.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim was the 14 year old offenders step sister from his mother’s second marriage.

 5) Ohio Girl:

Another recent brutally bizarre case of juvenile delinquency that went viral on the social media and attracted much debate was a horrific case of an 11 year old Ohio girl beating the two month old baby to death.

The girl’s mother had been babysitting infant Zuri Whitehead at her Wickliffe home when she fell asleep. Taking advantage, the 11-year-old took the baby upstairs and beat her.

Afterwards, she brought the baby downstairs and woke up her mother. Noticing Zuri had a swollen head and was bleeding, the mother immediately called 911. Later the police released a statement saying that the victim’s mother and offender’s mother were friends by relation for 6 years. It is still mysterious what pulled the girl to commit such a horrendous crime but one thing was evident during the court proceeding…she had no remorse.



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