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K-Electric consumers paid Rs 62bn extra to power utility: ministry

KARACHI: The Water and Power Ministry has disclosed that the K-Electric has recovered additional billions of rupees from its consumers in bills.

Secretary of the ministry, Mohammad Younus Dagha, in a letter addressed to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) chairman, over its negligence which caused K-Electric consumers to pay an additional amount to the tune of Rs 62 billion to the power utility.

The ministry has roughly estimated that with the help of excessive tariff, the KE consumers have been made to pay at least Rs60bn extra due to multi-year tariff and Rs two billion because of high generation cost allowed by Nepra to the utility company.

The letter addressed to Nepra chairman says that the objectives which Nepra was expected to achieve included a responsibility towards the consumers to pay a reasonable price for services which covered reasonable costs of the service providers. It was noted with concern that the KE consumers had been made to pay a very high tariff resulting in windfall profits for the power utility.

The ministry wants extra amounts returned to the consumers. Secretary Water and Power Ministry has advised Nepra to remove the anomalies and transfer the excessive payments back to K-Electric consumers.



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