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Kajol reveals why her father wanted to name her ‘Mercedes’

Indian film actor Kajol has revealed that her father so very much wanted to name her Mercedes, but her mother did not let him do that.

Telling a riveting snippet about her childhood in an interview, she said that her father, filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee, was so much inspired by owner of Mercedes, famous German car manufacturing company, for naming his company after his daughter that he wanted to name Kajol as Mercedes too.

“My father always thought if he can name his daughter Mercedes, why can’t I? But my mom strictly told him that it was not going to happen,” she said adding that so eventually she was named Kajol.

She told that her mother, veteran actress Tanuja Samarth, was so much troubled of her being naughty that she would tease her by saying that, “I hope you have a daughter exactly like you someday!”

The actress said she was often beaten up by her mother.

The 44-year-old also said that she was “the devil in disguise” of her father. She said her father often sang her, “You look like an angel, you walk like an angel, you talk like an angel… but you’re the devil in disguise.”

After Dilwale (2015), Kajol will now be seen in ‘Helicopter Eela’ playing role of National Award-winning actor Riddhi Sen’s mother.

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