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Kamal accuses MQM chief of ‘doing politics of dead bodies’

Kamal’s caravan, upon reaching Mirpur Khas, was met with a few women who pelted stones and eggs at the vehicles.

Addressing the masses after the inauguration of party office, he said that he is sure of his success after being hit by stones, adding we now have to hand pens to youths taking away rocks from their hands.

Though the chief of Pak Sarzameen Party announced to forgive the MQM workers, but took exception to its supremo.

He alleged the MQM chief of disowning workers after making them RAW agents.

The former Karachi mayor urged the inhabitants of Sindh to start a new beginning forgetting all the hatred.

“The ones speaking Urdu or Sindhi were brothers yesterday and they share the bond of brotherhood today as well,” said Kamal.



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