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Kamal bemoans govt inaction against MQM chief

Talking to media in Khairpur today, Kamal once again turned his guns towards the MQM supremo lamenting that no action is being taken against the MQM leadership despite allegations of RAW funding proven against it.

The former Karachi mayor claimed that the MQM chief has held meetings with RAW officials on four different occasions.

“If peace was restored in Karachi, then the MQM chief will have to have a decrement in his salary,” he said, adding, “Apart from Rehman Malik, eight of the party affiliates are aware of Indian spy agency’s funding of the party.”

On the other hand, Khwaja Izharul Hassan without naming PSP said no one will be allowed to take hold of Karachi forcibly. He alleged that the city is being dilapidated intentionally.

Former Karachi mayor, Mustafa Kamal rocked the political atmosphere in Karachi when he returned to the country on March 4 and dropped a bombshell on MQM with startling revelations against his former party and its chief.

Flanked by Anees Qaimkhani at a crowded press conference, he leveled serious allegations on Altaf Hussain-led party, accusing it of being funded by Indian covert agency RAW and targeted Mr. Hussain for resorting to violent approach in keeping hold of the city.

So far, many senior but sidelined MQM faces including Raza Haroon, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Anees Advocate, Waseem Aftab, Iftikhar Alam and others have fallen in the folds of PSP, severing their ties with the MQM and leveling similar accusations against its leadership.



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