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Kamal reaffirmed PTI’s stance on Altaf, says Imran

The PTI chief said that Kamal today reaffirmed what PTI stance on MQM chief, referring to the allegations by the former mayor of Karachi and once a senator of MQM leveled during a presser held in Karachi this afternoon.

“Mustafa Kamal today reaffirmed what we had been saying all along: the tyranny of Altaf Hussain including on his own supporters,” wrote Khan in his tweet.

Earlier in the afternoon, Mustafa Kamal strongly criticized MQM chief Altaf Hussain during a fiery presser.

In a scathing attack on Hussain and his ‘evil’ policies, Syed Mustafa Kamal, former Karachi mayor and ex-MQM leader, today announced to form a new political party aimed at mustering support of all patriotic forces to work for the country.

Flanked alongside senior former party leader Anis Qaimkhani, he said MQM stayed in power despite worst performance from 2008 to 2013 just because of party’s organizational structure and modus operandi.

Kamal subjected the MQM supremo to harsh criticism, leveling several allegations on him.

A few hours later, the MQM responded to the accusations terming them an ‘insult’ to MQM’s public mandate.



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