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Kamal rubbishes media reports of low attendence at PSP rally

Contrary to media reports that only a quarter of Bagh-e-Jinnah was filled with PSP supporters, Mustafa Kamal insisted that people came in large numbers and gave a overwhelming response.

Speaking in the ARY News programme ‘11th Hour’ hosted by Waseem Badami, Kamal said he paid tributes to followers who turned up at his rally.

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Kamal says it was impossible to count masses in… by arynews

When asked if he accepted that MQM’s foundation day rally at Jinnah Ground Azizabad had attendence of over a million people in Karachi, Kamal said he didn’t see the rally and wouldn’t prefer to do so.

“I will only talk about my party. I would prefer listening Madhuri’s songs rather than watching MQM rally”, he underlined.

Kamal said he was happy with the media for comparing his party with 30-year-old party [MQM].

He claimed that he could not advertise his party rally in newspapers or televsion channels as the amount for the activity was costing around Rs 3 million. We could not afford it, he added.

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When the host asked about collection of Rs 60 million donation for PSP’s rally, Kamal said it was donated by people.

The PSP leader stressed that the amount recovered from MQM chief’s London residence was provided by Indian spy agency RAW.

He also took a jibe at MQM leaders, naming Wasay Jalil saying they were all ‘paid workers’.



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