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Kamal urges youth to struggle for development of Pakistan


He was addressing the 1st Youth Convention at Pakistan House where he said they want to struggle for the development and the betterment of the country with the youth who are the future of the nation.

He said that it was possible during his 30-year-old association with the Muthaida Quami Movement (MQM) that he may have committed some sins and be involved in some undesirable activities.


The former mayor said that there were strive to create a society where the youth feel secure as it does not require the army of a foreign country bur rather just a few misguided people to ruin the country.

Raza Haroon, who defected from the MQM to join the bandwagon of Mustafa Kamal, said the real struggle has started today which would bring back the glory which has been snatched from the country.


Vice-Chairman Dr. Sagheer said that the struggle which started a few months ago has reached thousands of people, and people who worked for the struggle of the nation should continue to join them.





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