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Kamal wants Sindh govt to resolve issues of Karachi within 30 days

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal on Sunday gave the Sindh government an ultimatum of 30 days to resolve the issues of Karachi and also demanded to give mayor Karachi financial aid in this regard, ARY News reported.

Addressing a rally at Tibet Center in Karachi, he spoke at length on the issues facing the residents of Karachi and demanded from the provincial and local governments to immediately resolve the issues.

President PSP Anees Qaimkhani, Secretary General PSP Raza Haroon and other party leadership was also present on stage.

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“Mr chief minister Sindh, Karachi has become a garbage dump. The rights of Karachi should be handed over within 30 days,” he said.

Mustafa Kamal said he would announce course of action against the provincial government, if his demands were not met.


Clean water, better education, better transport and all the things of basic necessities should be within reach of citizens, he said.

“No public rally will be held from now on. Only  course of action will be implemented after the deadline,” he said.

He demanded from Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar to resign from his post if he could not deliver what he proclaimed pre-election.

“Did you tell people before election that you could not deliver once you get into power? You will have to avoid lame excuses of shortage of funds,” he said.


Shunning the notion that PSP is run by establishment, he said these are mere allegations. Establishment cannot change hearts of people. “I am a worker of no establishment, but the establishment of Allah Almighty (SWT),” he said.

Mustafa Kamal said Altaf Hussain capitalizes on dead bodies, missing persons, arrested alleged criminals. He wants arrest of more people from this city because, this phenomena is lifeline for Altaf.


He also asked to avoid labeling the megapolis as Indian spy agency RAW’s city.

“Now nobody should call residents of this city as traitor or terrorist. Today they have clarified their stance that they are not part of any anti-Pakistan conspiracy.

“Hats off to the masses on the dawn of new morning. With efforts of PSP, hearts have been transformed. People from diversified ethnicities including Sindhi, Muhajir and Pathan have become friendly and participated in the same rally,” he said.

“Karachiites! You have smashed big idols by participating in patriotism-promoting rally.”

He said we admit that we were mistaken. For 30 years we thought that ‘one person’ was our godfather for our community but now we have rectified our mistake today completely discarding that persons ritual from our community’s mind.

“I urge the prime minister and the Sindh chief minister to put food in stomach of my city’s people and made it visible to the world that we have fed our people not killed,” he said.

Kamal also demanded the K-Electric management to refund Rs62 billion to the people of Karachi which was looted through over billing before handing over the management to Shanghai Electric.

He urged his followers to continue their studies and asked them to remember him in their prayers.

“Even if I get murdered while walking on this right path. I do not want anyone to take any sort of revenge. I will present my case in front of Almighty Allah.”

“Today people of Karachi have given mandate to me through this passing of Karachi resolution with full majority and now no force from London or no Rehman Malik can stop me from pursuing the fulfillment of these demands,” he said.

I want to add one more demand today. I urge the COAS that operation is being done in karachi likewise foundation of four cadets schools should be made in Karachi, he said.



In the end, Raza Haroon presenting party resolution said powers should be handed over to the local government representatives. Population census should be transparent by ruling out political influence and corruption should be completely eradicated from country, he added.



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