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Huge arms cache unearthed in Karachi was bought to fight army: Ibad

KARACHI: The Governor of Sindh Dr Ishratul Ibad has said that a huge cache of arms and ammunitions hidden in a water tank of a house in Azizabad neighbourhood of the city earlier this month was bought to fight the Pakistan army.

Speaking to media representatives for a second time on Wednesday, the provincial governor revealed that the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) contained evidence the offensive weapons belonged to an organising committee of a political party in Karachi.

Regarding the ongoing operation in the port city, Dr Ibad repeated that the crackdown against militants and terror elements would continue until the required results were achieved.

He said the culprits behind the May 12, 2007, bloodshed in Karachi during which at least 40 people were killed in armed clashes between political parties on the arrival of the then Chief Justice Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would soon be brought to justice.

The governor also hinted that the government was close to the killers of Hakim Muhammad Saeed – a famed medical researcher and scholar – who was assassinated in Karachi on October 17, 1998.

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Earlier today, without mentioning his name or levelling any straight accusation, Dr Ibad said the city government headed by Mustafa Kamal as mayor performed well below par in Karachi, stressing that other governments were far better at the performance bar.

Speaking during an event in the city, the governor sounded more satisfied with the development works Karachi saw during the term of a senior member of Jamaat-e-Islam (JI) Naimatullah Khan as mayor.

Dr Ibad said convincingly that the JI leader played a major role because of which Karachi progressed satisfactorily as compared to his successors.

He was of the view that the city government after Khan could not even keep up with the JI leader’s work pace.

Dr Ibad said, “Those people who could not complete development projects during 2008, were incompetent of doing so.”

The governor said the government of Sindh now would not spare anyone who was trying to disrupt peace in the city or was involved in acts of violence in the past.

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He said those who killed scores of innocent people in the Baldia factory fire incident or made china-cuttings in Karachi would not be allowed to hide behind political covers.

Baldia factory fire claimed the lives of more than 250 workers and caused injuries several labourers in Karachi during 2012, one of the worst planned terror activities in the history of Pakistan as per a joint investigation team (JIT) report.

The governor added that soon he would come up with shocking revelations about sacred faces of the country, particularly Karachi.

Going a step further, Dr Ibad asked the Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) Major General Bilal Akbar and Inspector General (IG) Sindh AD Khawaja to hang everyone, who commits a crime in the province.

Dr Ishratul Ibad has reacted once again, after Mustafa Kamal of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) made serious allegations of bribery, corruption and dishonesty against him on Monday.

Kamal asked the authorities concerned to put Ibad’s name on the Exit Control List (ECL) and begin a criminal investigation.



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